Kim Keever

Growing up, Kim Keever lived an almost 19th century existence, far removed from power and telephone number, as a boy he used to insist that he watch his father prepare the canned milk; watching the milk mix with the water, he found was always a fascinating visual experience and even made up for the rather bland taste!

When a friend of his was trying to get rid of his 100 gallon aquarium, it dawned on Keeve that he could recreate this part of his child hood and replace milk with paint.

The result was as captivating and intriguing as he remembered. Keever works with such diligence to capture his resulting abstract images, although there is a high degree of randomness, he takes thousands of shots to get the correct form, composition and angle.

‘Everything I photograph is of a composite of movable "sculptures" however ephemeral they may be as the paint dissipates in the water ‘

He goes on to explain:

"I’ve always lived near the water, whether it was the eastern shore of Virginia, Chicago or New York City. There’s a peaceful attraction to the flat rippling surface and the mysteries below. ….I realized I had found my signature work as an artist and have continued making and photographing underwater landscapes."

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