Justyna Neryng

One of the most exciting things about contemporary fine art photography is that it is yet to be clearly defined what is or is not part of it. It is a plain field open to everyones personal take and it gives you a chance at taking a bet on the future based solely on your very own expertise as well as asthetic liking and .. dare I say it.. hunch.

For us, the only thing that is present in all contemporary photography is the ability of the artist to convey feeling to the viewer. It is not about the object, place, or event of the photograph, but rather about the feeling generated within the artist as part of the photographic process.

Meet Justyna Neryng, a skilled craftsman and master of the art, who manages through her lens to make us feel what she feels, to go deep beneath our skin and resonate within our minds.

Born in 1981 Poland, Justyna Neryng spent much of her childhood playing with her father’s cameras and dark room while roaming the forests of Chelmsko on the Czech boarder. As an adult, a mother and an immigrant to Britain, her photography has flourished into a substantial body of portraiture. Perhaps the most evocative of her works are her exquisitely emotive self-portraits that seem to carry the dark spirit of the forest from her childhood as well as potently baring the scares of modern womanhood. They show vulnerability and intimate eroticism as well as a deep sense of isolation and alienation .It is these portraits that have been most published and exhibited in both in her polish homeland and in the UK.

More recently Justyna has begun to collaborate with her daughter Nell, on a project called Childhood Lost.
Justyna currently produces her works in her adopted hometown of Brighton and Hove , where she lives with her daughter.

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