JC Moschetti

After studying at INSAS (Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle et Techniques de Diffusion) in Brussels, Jean-Claude Moschetti then went on to work in the movie industry. However, he never gave up on his interest for photography, and from 1995 he has worked as an independent press photographer. His photographs are regularly seen in French and international newspapers.

JC Moschetti has travelled a lot in Africa and now carries out some more personal long-term projects such as “Magic on Earth” about traditional West African Secret Societies. In West Africa, the supernatural is part of the daily life, spirits and divinities are never far away. The artist aims to introduce this mystery and immateriality in his photographic compositions. Triptychs and diptychs allow him to deconstruct the space and to built it again in a new way, more poetic and odd. The mask, the character, take place in this space, opening up a crossing way from a world to another one, from spirits world to earth. More generally the artist questions the reality we see, and wishes to inspire the doubt in our minds, that things are not always what they seem. At the same time JC Moschetti gathers ethnographic material that shows not only the richness of expression carried by these societies, but also the richness of the contemporary creation. Indeed, costumes and masks commissioned for traditional ceremonies give birth to a constantly renewed creation and reflect the living contemporary African Art.

A French writer, Paul Valery, “ Que serions nous sans l’aide de ce qui n’existe pas” (What would we be without the help of that which does not exist ).

Selected Exhibitions

2003, Visa pour l'image , screening « Croisade du pasteur Bonnke », Perpignan, France
2004, Exhibition « Black Hollywood » at CCF de Lagos, Nigéria
2007, Act Off Faith, Noorderlicht photofestival, Groningen, Netherlands
2009, Voies Off, Arles, France
2010, "Under the bridge", Athens Photo Festival, Athens, Greece
2012, FNB, Joburg Art Fair, South Africa
2013, 1:54 London, UK
2014, Cape Town Art Fair, South Africa
2014, International Biennial Of Photography And Visual Arts, Liège, Belgium
2014, M.I.A Gallery, Seattle, USA
2014, 1:54 London, UK
2015, Disguise: Masks and Global African Art, Seattle Art Museum, USA

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