Adrian Tyler

Adrian Tyler is a London born Freelance Photographer and Bookmaker who is currently based in Madrid. His work transcends the boundaries between the objective and the poetic. He is well known for his book projects and exhibitions, but also produces commissioned work in the field of portraiture, architecture and landscape photography.

The images chosen for heist are the result of 4 years work traveling through the outer Western and Orkney Isles. Using ordance survey maps to guide me, island by island, road by road to discover and document abandoned houses.

The first two years of the resulting project was spent producing "Typological" images of the interiors of the houses, which although resulted in a powerful body of work and an important historic document the project remained unfinished.

The next 2 years work drew me deeper into abandoned spaces, this time working with decaying books to try to produce images that acts as metaphors to our own transient existence, not dissimilar to 17th century "Vanity" paintings which often contain craniums, flowers, butterflies or books.

These images therefore act as a reminder to us of the passage of time and hopefully through this enable us to temporarily transcend the subject-object oriented nature of our minds, and allow to glimpse for a short while at the root of our true being.

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