Aaron Hobson

Hobson has had solo exhibits in NYC, Los Angeles, and London, and has a growing list of collectors from around the world. Articles and reviews of his work have appeared in over 15 languages in over 24 countries from every major continent, except the one covered in ice. His work has been featured in many prominent publications worldwide. Hobson's Cinemascapes have won awards at the NYC Photo Festival, International Photography Awards (IPA | Lucie Awards), and the PX3 Awards in Paris in multiple years.

His newest work (of which Heist is exhibiting Unorthodox) combines multiple exposures taken from Google Streetview technology to create an alternate reality while retaining his signature panoramic style of cinemascapes.

"...Thanks to an original approach to panoramic genre photography, his "cinemascapes" emit a near-Lynchian atmosphere. Hobson minutely constructs his narrative canvases and combines multiple exposures in final images that, distorted, call upon our imaginations' need to fill in the blanks and ellipses of mysterious scenarios." - Eve Therond, PHOTO Magazine (France)

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